To be the center of integrated social welfare in health and education and in conducting research of the highest international standards.


To provide efficient, reliable, and internationally compatible services in both health and education through continuous innovation, research, and development.

About SHED Foundation:

SHED Foundation is a welfare organization which is striving day and night irrespective of any return or greed but only for the propitiation of almighty Allah and wellbeing of societal community.

The journey starts in 2011, when a visionary and esteemed personality Munaf Allana along with his colleagues, established “SHED Foundation” with abundant aspiration, hopes and dreams. As time went, like minded, selfless, and experienced personnel started coming along and the Foundation grew leaps and bounds.

Now, having a work force of dedicated and devoted staff, generous donors, dedicated members, sincere volunteers, and prayers of beneficiaries; thousands of underprivileged people across the province are being served with affordable round the clock services for healthcare and welfare amenities, having state of the art medical facilities, qualified and well-seasoned staff and effective use of modern medical technology.

The Community Services/ Projects being managed by the SHED Foundation to lend timely support to the society:

1 ) Medical Centers and Maternity Homes

SHED Medical Centers and Maternity Homes are operational in various parts of the Karachi where many medicines are provided free of cost as well. A multi-story secondary level SHED Hospital has been established in North Karachi to cater to the middle and lower socio-economic locality. The facility is equipped with State-of-the-Art Machinery with 24-hour Emergency Service, Consultant Clinics, Maternity Homes, NICU, Dental Clinics, OPG Unit, Physiotherapy Unit, X-ray, Ultrasound facilities, Blood Transfusion for children suffering from Thalassemia. A modern Computerized Pathological Laboratory, Radiology and a Blood Bank have also been established in the SHED hospital.

2) Rehabilitation Centre (GHOSHA-E-AAFYAT)

“Gosha-e-Aafyat” is a unit where individuals with psychological disorder and drug addictions are treated and trained to become active and efficient part of the society once again.

3) Children Home; Boys Hostel (for orphan and single parents especially)

Children are our future and those who are unfortunately orphans, deserve much more attention to live a better life and be integrated in the society. SHED foundation has been doing exactly the same through its “SHED Children Home”, where over 200 children are being taken care of at the five-story building facility where food, neat accommodation, education, health care and other necessities are being provided.  The focus is to train these children with the enthusiasm to think beyond individual gains rather collective benefits.

4) Senior Citizens Home – (Male / Female)          

SHED senior citizens’ home is a testament to our devotion to serving homeless elderly men and women. We believe in providing comfort and warmth to them in the face of unfortunate circumstances with them and we have faith that their blessing will help us to do more and best possible.

5) Schools and Institutes of Islamic Education

We believe education as the primary factor in establishing a positive change in society. “CARE School System” which imparts education to children in underprivileged areas is a project, of SHED Foundation, which multiply its good effect on the area in particular and the society as a whole. Branches of CARE School System are operational across Karachi, where more than 2000 children are not only being educated but they are also provided with opportunities to take part in extra-curricular activities to polish their social abilities and cultivate healthy habits.

Given below is a list of our set up (CARE stands for Cooperative and Responsible Educator)

  1. CARE School System (Shah Faisal Colony Campus)
  2. CARE School System (North Karachi Campus)
  3. CARE School System (Latif Public School Surjani Campus)
  4. Madrasa Ziaul Quran
  5. Ziaul Madina Academy

 6) Water well support in the Thar Desert Sindh  

In Thar the desert area of Sindh the water shortage has been a great challenge for the local residents. SHED digs small and large wells in the area to facilitate the people of the Thar. In addition to the maintenance of old wells, More than 200 wells have been got dugged till to date in THAR by SHED Foundation.  Planning for further development of wells is underway.

 7) Our other services of equal importance 

  • Marriage Support Program
  • Ration Support Program
  • Special Ramzan Package
  • Sadqa and Aqiqa Services
  • Medical Camps (Free)
  • Blood Collection Drives
  • Mayyat Bus Service

8) Sum up

SHED Foundation has put Religious, Social & Humanity duties at the top of their priority list, such as distribution of Ration among Poors, Collective Sacrifice of Animals (Qurbani), Dowry arrangement for needy families through “Marriage Support Programme”, distribution of gifts amongst children on Eid and Emergency Relief and Health / Educational Services at concessional / free are prominent activities of the SHED Foundation. These activities are managed and performed with the help of our valuable donors and supporters.

We invite you to Observe our Activities and Share your contribution in this Noble cause

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as a Donor.

We are hopeful that your cooperation will always be with us.

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