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SPONSOR  for only Rs. 12,000/- per month per patient

Accommodation, Food, Clothes, Medical etc.

Gosha-e-Aafyat is a subdivision of SHED Homes Complex. It is a shelter home for adult men suffering from mental illnesses. Patients are provided accommodation in a safe and healthy living environment. Patients also receive regular psychiatric evaluations, medical follow-ups and medications.

Gosha-e-Aafyat currently hosts around 200 patients. The newly constructed complex has increased the capacity to 250 patients. Preparations are under way to increase support in order facilitate more patients.

Newly Constructed (G+4) Building includes

• Each floor consists of 12 Halls with attached facilities of common bathrooms and wardrobes.

• Pharmaceutical dispensary, T.V Lounge, Barber facility, Dining Room, Laundry, Lift.

• Warden / Family -Unit.

The proposed building will accommodate Approx 200 Patients.
Construction Area Each floor has a 6500 sq.ft (Apporx) covered area.

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